Vortrag von Bernd Koehler Do Tank Circular City Wien

Circulating construction in Vienna

The city of Vienna has set itself the goal of making significant progress toward becoming a circular city by 2030. The corresponding activities are bundled in the project “Do Tank Circular City Wien 2020-2030”, or DTCC30 for short. Part of this project is the event series “Circular Series”, which has been running since October 2021. We are pleased to be part of this series. Our colleague Bernd Köhler will give a lecture on “planning circular – Kreislauffähiges Planen und Bauen” on 18.11.21 at 13:30. Using the example of the experimental unit Urban Mining & Recycling (UMAR), he will show how the responsible use of natural resources can look like. More information is available here.

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