Design for Construction 2021

The new German Engineering Yearbook 2020/2021 will be presented to the public on 24 November 2020 at the conference “Ingenieurbaukunst – Design for Construction”. The conference will take place at the Berlin – Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, this year online for the first time. The most important projects and topics of German civil engineers of the past twelve months will be presented. In a parallel English edition the best buildings of the last five years will be presented – including two projects by Werner Sobek, the Futurium in Berlin and the ThyssenKrupp test tower in Rottweil. Prof. Lucio Blandini and Prof. Werner Sobek will both take part in the event in Berlin as speakers and panelists. Further information on the symposium can be found here, while the yearbook, among other things, is presented here.

In the current Yearbook of Civil Engineering 2020/2012, published by the specialist publishing house Ernst & Sohn, the debate on resource-saving planning and building with digital tools is given a wide scope. It is therefore not surprising that Werner Sobek, one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable construction, is represented with two articles in the new edition. Lucio Blandini, CEO of Werner Sobek AG and since April 2020 also head of the ILEK, develops his vision of resource-efficient building and the associated changes in the training of future generations of architects and engineers in an insightful discussion with two other newly appointed university professors.

The second article by Werner Sobek (written by Dr. Wolfgang Sundermann and others) is dedicated to the potential of timber as a building material. Many experts in the building industry regard timber as the building material of the 21st century. Two projects designed by Werner Sobek and realised by AH Aktiv-Haus show the development potential of timber and are the subject of the article “Old material with high potential – building with timber”. Exemplary examples of modular prefabricated and multi-storey buildings are the housing estate in Winnenden, which has been awarded the German timber construction prize, and a housing estate for hospital staff in Esslingen.

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