IIT Innovation Centre

2020 AIA Architecture Award

We are pleased that the project was honored with an 2020 AIA Architecture Award by the American Institute of Architects. Werner Sobek was responsible for the structural engineering and the facade substructure.

The structure of the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship at the Illinois Institute of Technology is organized around an orthogonal 5 m × 5 m grid. The floor slabs are made up of steel beams and a composite metal deck. Steel columns and two cross-braced steel cores transfer vertical and horizontal loads into a shallow concrete foundation. The upper level is enclosed in an ETFE membrane facade, which is lightweight and can dynamically vary the amount of solar energy entering the building. Radiant tubes embedded in the floor slabs provide the building’s heating and cooling system. The project earned LEED Gold certification.

Congratulations to the whole project team!

More information under: https://www.aia.org/showcases/6249946-ed-kaplan-family-institute-for-innovation-

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