17 Theses on Sustainability

For over 29 years, the Zumtobel Group has published an artistic annual report, which is designed by renowned personalities. The results are stunning art books that have already achieved collector’s status. Prof. Werner Sobek accepted the invitation to design this year’s 2019/20 annual report of the lighting technology company.

The overall concept is sustainable and penetrating – with 17 theses, Prof. Werner Sobek illustrates the urgently needed change in the building industry: “The theses are a warning, an explanation and a perspective. Their aim is to create awareness and stimulate a purposeful discussion about our future”. The book is produced 100% residue-free and can be completely returned to a recycling cycle. It was designed by Werner Sobek in cooperation with büro uebele.

We are happy about this special opportunity! The publication is available online here.

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