Victoria Airport

The terminal building reflects Victoria Airport’s unique concept as a bi-domestic airport used by both Russia and the Ukraine, incorporating the world’s first visa-free-zone. The primary goal of the design is to achieve a maximum of clarity and ease in orientation. The building offers clearly organized and identifiable functional zones and is filled with comfort-ably controlled natural daylight. All this ensures a pleasant experience for travelers and visitors. An outer layer of woven stainless steel mesh envelopes the terminal building and becomes one of its signature features. This layer defines a great vestibule between exterior and the interior space. Since the mesh also shades the south, west and east façades, it supports minimizing cooling loads for the building. The north facade facing the runway opens the view to the starting and landing airplanes.

Flughafen Victoria - 4

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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Airport Consulting Partners, Stuttgart/Germany

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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