Light Whirl

Light Whirl by rosalie, the artist from Stuttgart, is a walk-in, kinetic light sculpture on display at SCHAUWERK, the museum for contemporary art in Sindelfingen. This floating light sculpture with a total height of 15 metres stretches through all four storeys of the impressive exhibition space. The artist has designed a walk-in sculpture in which optical fibres are woven together to form a complex fabric of light. The light flashes, gathers in the centre of the whirl, seems to explode suddenly, and runs from the interior to the exterior before flowing back again. Werner Sobek developed the load-bearing system for the sculpture – a modular, push-fit system made of aluminium pipes which establishes the shape of the installation and provides a framework on which the optical fibres can be affixed. The complete installation has a total weight of around 3 t and is suspended from the roof structure of the former warehouse by more than 120 fine cables in order to produce the desired floating effect.

rosalie, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2014 − 2015

Construction time
2015 − 2016

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering
Project planning supervision (preliminary and draft planning, execution planning for the supporting construction, installation planning)

SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen/Germany

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