Campus Brekelbaums Park

Brekelbaums Park Campus

This new vocational school campus in Hamburg consists of four structures: a main building (with such facilities as an underground parking garage, a gymnasium, and a main lecture hall); a canteen building (with scope for extending upwards in future); and two halls of residence for trainees. Although the development stands at a maximum height of six storeys, this number of levels is not uniformly employed throughout the design. The appearance of the main building is also softened by the inclusion of offsets in its facade.

As the site has already been developed in the past, the existing buildings need to be dismantled before the new campus can be constructed. The plan is to hand the project over to a general contractor from service phase 5.

The main school building will be in accordance with the DGNB’s usage profile for educational projects with the aim of achieving the organisation’s Gold award.

Winking · Froh Architekten GmbH, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time
2021 − 2024

Construction time
2023 − 2025

Services by Werner Sobek
DGNB Sustainability Certification
Structural engineering (WP 1 – 4, 5 optional acc. to HOAI)

40,750 m²

SBH (Schulbau Hamburg), Hamburg/Germany

Winking · Froh  Architekten GmbH, Hamburg/Germany

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